About Us

The Wharton Energy Network (WEN) is the alumni association for energy professionals at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. With over 4,500 members, WEN aims to power the energy transition through connections and opportunities for sustainable wealth creation.

Our mission is to support Wharton alumni and the broader Penn community in leading the energy transformation by providing a central hub for forging connections and fostering lifelong learning about the business future of energy and climate.



The New Vision for the Wharton Energy Network 

From WEN President, Sid Radhakrishna (WG’20)  |  October 2020


Dear Wharton alumni,

I believe that the next ten years will be critical for the future of energy and the planet. Wharton alumni will play a crucial role in what that future will look like, and our goal is to empower those of you who are leading the charge.

In year one as President, I am focused on bringing together our community of over 4,500 alumni members through three pillars:

  • Reinvigorating our value proposition to members:  Helping you stay connected with your fellow alumni and providing content that keeps you at the cutting edge. We will take advantage of virtual events so that our programs can reach more alumni.
  • Strengthening our connection to the Wharton ecosystem:  Greater breadth and depth of collaboration with the Business, Climate, and Environment Lab, the Wharton Risk Center that hosts the Lab, and the other alumni clubs for topic and region-specific programs.
  • Access to Wharton talent: Expanding opportunities to recruit and mentor Wharton students through greater collaboration with MBA and undergraduate student clubs and career services.

I will be sharing more along the lines of these three priorities in the coming months. 

But to get a sense of where I’d like to take the Wharton Energy Network, I see this work as a continuation of efforts as a student. As co-chair of the Wharton Deans' MBA Advisory Council (DMAC), my team of six MBAs delivered 17 recommendations to the Dean outlining how Wharton could help students lead and innovate in a world impacted by the climate crisis. Many of these are already being implemented by Wharton's new Business, Climate, and Environment Lab, led by Wharton faculty Arthur van Benthem and Sarah Light. I led several other campus initiatives that brought together students across academic disciplines and industries, which I’ve written about here and here.

Have suggestions in the meantime? I’d love to hear from you. Send me a note to [email protected] Let's set up a time to chat.