Club Officers and Regional Chairpersons

President: Russell Sprole
Russell Sprole (WG'11) is the current President of the Wharton Energy Network. Russell works on Strategic Projects at Stem Inc., which combines big data and battery storage technology to help commercial customers control their energy costs and utilities more effectively manage a constantly evolving grid. Russell has been deeply involved in Stem's 85MW SCE LCR contract, strategic partnership with SunPower, and many other key activities both strategic and operational.

Prior to Stem, Russell was at SunPower Corporation for three years where he held various roles. Most recently Russell was Manager of Financial Products where he was responsible for developing, launching and optimizing SunPower’s financial products for residential solar customers in the U.S. Prior to joining the residential team, Russell was a Senior Associate in SunPower’s Commercial and Utility Development teams, where he lead the analytics and internal development process from early stage prospecting to deal close.

Russell earned an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Yale University.

Treasurer: Will Conkling (WG'13)

Other Opened Positions: The Wharton Energy Network looks to continue to grow and help connect alums, students and more. With that in mind, we hope to bring on additional leaders in any one of the following roles, please reach out to Russell Sprole if interested:

  • VP Student Relations
  • VP Career Management
  • VP Marketing and Communications
  • VP Mentorship

Regional Chairpersons:
The Wharton Energy Network depends on our regional chairpersons to organize educational and networking events in collaboration with local clubs throughout the globe. These local Wharton alumni ensure that our members in their region build a community around shared experiences at Wharton and in Energy. If you live in a region not currently covered by a Regional Chairperson, we encourage you to start up a regional chapter.